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Food Science Club

Why join? Because the art of interacting with your fellow students, just as you will interact with your business colleagues after graduation, is one of the most important benefits of participating as a club member. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated.

Food Science Club You’ll engage in a variety of exciting activities, such as making our delicious olallieberry jam, which is sold at Cal Poly's Campus Market. Members take part in Homecoming and Open House, interact with industry speakers, and attend off-campus professional meetings. Additionally, the club officers, a role you'll aspire to in your junior or senior year, organize social events, including the end-of-the-year banquet.

2023-24 Club Officers:

  • Simon Lam
Vice President
  • Linus Tiu
  • Darren Sun
  • Marbella Robles
Food Coordinators
  • Jack Madden
  • Connor Wang
Public Relations
  • Natalie Salvatierra
Club Co-representatives 
  • Shawn Pattrathara
  • Jayshan Parameswaran
Symposium Leaders
  • Sarah Wong
  • Nina De Leon

Being in the club is a key part of your experience as a Food Science major and helps develop the talents and skills you'll need to be a leader once you leave Cal Poly. Your resume will look well-rounded as your club experiences serve to enhance your marketability.

For more information contact the club at:
Also visit: Food Science Club Facebook Page



Nutrition Club

The Nutrition Club is an excellent group for students involved or interested in the nutrition field. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated.

Nutrition Club

The club provides a great social network for students to meet each other and participate in social events. There are lots of volunteer opportunities for students to get hands-on learning experience in the food and nutrition industry.

Our meetings feature professional speakers who provide information about internships, job opportunities, and updates on nutrition research and developments. Members of the Nutrition Club have a chance to learn about what is going on in the field of nutrition, make networking connections and find an excellent group of friends. 

2023-24 Club Officers:

  • Anna Cahn
  • Sonya Saydakova  
  • Lex Cortez
  • Olivia Davis  
  • Abbey Rock
  • Safiya Rufino
Social Media Coordinator
  • Sofia Ligtenberg  
New Member Outreach Coordinator
  • Emilia Bucklew  
Member Outreach Coordinator
  • Roxy Hudson
Collaborative Event Planner
  • Kelsey Migliore  
Campus Marketing Director
  • Jake Richardson 
Fundraising Coordinator
  • Analya Ulloa
Open House Coordinator
  • Lauren Ropacki
Community Service Representative
  • Zoey Buchanan

The Nutrition Club meetings are held, typically, once a month on Thursdays from 11:10am-12:00pm. 

For more information please contact the club at: 
Also visit: Nutrition Club Facebook Page

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