Molly Lear
Operations Manager

Pilot Plant Facility 

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FSN Pilot Plant & Labs

The Vision:

To provide a top-of-the-line learning center for our students while also promoting safe, sustainable, and nutritious foods through interfacing with the food industry.

    Pilot Plant Equipment List:

    Please click here to see a list of our Pilot Plant Equipment.

    Facilities & Capabilities:   

    • Pilot Plant - Please see equipment list above for process/testing capabilities.
    • Foods Safety Lab - Capable of testing and monitoring bacterial activity in food products/processes. We can analyze food products and determine what potential food safety concerns are associated, as well as provide general testing support.
    • Sensory Evaluation Lab - Perform objective and subjective tests to evaluate flavor, texture, and appearance of various food. Statistical analysis of how various attributes are reported by the consumer.
    • Quality Control Lab - Determine water activity, moisture content, true color, viscosity, pH, percent soluble solids, as well as other quality-related tests.
    • Culinary Science / Product Development Lab - Full kitchen capability. We have everything that is needed to make any culinary creation including baked products. Equipment includes pilot scale proofers, convection ovens, refrigeration units, batch mixers, etc.
    • Nutrition and Health Assessment Lab - Analysis of body composition with the use of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA). Also included in this facility are a tissue culture lab, as well as infrastructures for anthropometric measurements and indirect calorimetry.

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    For more information about facility or equipment use, please contact:

    Molly Lear


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