Molly Lear
Operations Manager


FSN Pilot Plant & Labs

The Vision:

To provide a top-of-the-line learning center for our students while also promoting safe, sustainable, and nutritious foods through interfacing with the food industry.


  • Pilot-Scale Test Production of a wide variety of products
  • Product Formulation/Process Development
  • Sensory Evaluation of Food Products
  • Quality Control/Product Evaluations
  • Food Safety Research and Education

Equipment Available:

Freeze Dryer

Tray Dehydrator

Hobart Mixer

Hobart VCM

Spray Dryer
Vacuum Evaporator

Vacuum Kettle
Twin Screw Extruder
Piston Filler
Steam Capper
Multifunctional Retort

Chocolate Making Equipment

Steam Jacketed Kettles

Jar Labeler
Vacuum Pack Machine
Ice Cream Freezer
Colloid Mill
Batch Mixer
Various Pumping Capabilities
Pulper Finisher
Potato Peeler
Shear Mixer


  • Foods Safety Lab - Capable of testing and monitoring bacterial activity in food products/processes. We can analyze food products and determine what potential food safety concerns are associated, as well as provide general testing support.
  • Sensory Evaluation Lab - Perform objective and subjective tests to evaluate flavor, texture, and appearance of various food. Statistical analysis of how various attributes are reported by the consumer.
  • Quality Control Lab - Determine water activity, moisture content, true color, viscosity, pH, percent soluble solids, as well as other quality-related tests.
  • Culinary Science / Product Development Lab - Full kitchen capability. We have everything that is needed to make any culinary creation including baked products. Equipment includes pilot scale proofers, convection ovens, refrigeration units, batch mixers, etc.
  • Nutrition and Health Assessment Lab - Analysis of body composition with the use of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA). Also included in this facility are a tissue culture lab, as well as infrastructures for anthropometric measurements and indirect calorimetry.

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