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Building 74M-A110
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Academic Advising FAQs

FSN Peer Advising Center staffed with well-trained, experienced students to help with schedule planning and related academic questions. Peer advising is located in building 74M-A100. Advising questions can be emailed to cafesadvising@calpoly.edu

How do I declare my concentration?

  • Students typically declare their concentration in the FSN 101 orientation course. If a student does not declare a concentration at that time or decides would like to change to another concentration, s/he may send an email to: cpdots2@calpoly.edu. The email will only be accepted if it comes from a Cal Poly account. In addition, the email must include the following:
    First and Last Name
    EMPL ID#
    Desired Concentration
  • Students may take concentration courses prior to submitting the Graduation Evaluation form (provided they meet the prerequisites for those courses).

When should I use my priority registration?

  • It is recommended students save at least one priority for their senior year. Students are advised to use priorities cautiously, as each student is allowed only three priorities to use during their time at Cal Poly.
  • Starting Summer 2015, the University will be implementing a new registration program based on the actual Academic Progress Level of the student. Any remaining priorities may be used until Summer 2016. Any priorities left after Summer 2016 will be useless starting Fall 2016. 

How do I access my Degree Progress Report?

  • The Degree Progress Report is an online report that shows a student’s progress towards degree. To access, follow these instructions:
    • Login to my.calpoly.edu
    • Click on "Student Center"
    • On the left hand side menu bar click " Degree Progress/Graduation"
    • Click "View Degree Progress Report"
    • Select Academic Institution: "Cal Poly" and Report Type: "Degree Progress Report". Click "Go"
    • Select "Expand All" for display view

Where can I find Study Abroad Information?

  • Students are advised to meet with Monica Schechter, Associate Director for Study Abroad, Building 52, Room E32. For more information visit the Study Abroad web page.

When do I file for graduation?

  • Students should submit the completed form to the Office of the Registrar (Admin Building, Room 222) four (4) quarters before graduating. The form can be found on the Office of the Registrar website or at the Advising Center.

What is the GWR (Graduation Writing Requirement)?

  • The Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR) is a writing exam that every Cal Poly Student must complete in order to graduate. For more information visit the Cal Poly Writing Skills page.

What do I need to know about the Credit/No Credit option?

  • Each student can take a total of 16 units as Credit/No Credit grading. This does not include courses that are only taught with the CR/NC option. Of the 16 units, 4 units can be from GE courses and the remaining units can be used for free electives.
  • Please note: Food Science and Nutrition department does NOT allow Credit/No Credit option to be used for major, support or concentration courses.
  • NOTE: If a "C-" or better is earned, the student will receive credit (CR) for the course. If a "D+" or lower is earned, the student will receive no credit (NC) for the course.

How do I find out if a class I've taken at another school will substitute for a Cal Poly course?

  • Go to assist.org on the Web. It lists articulation (course equivalency) agreements with other schools in California. Articulation agreements are formal contracts between schools that determine the equivalency of courses at the two schools. If you took classes at a school outside of California, bring course descriptions to your department or advising center to determine appropriate credit.

How can I take online courses and receive Cal Poly credit?

  • Use California Virtual Campus to find lower division online courses. The following handout will explain how to use this website to find courses. Be sure to go to ASSIST to ensure it will transfer to Cal Poly for course credit. Upon completion of the course, be sure to have a transcript sent to Cal Poly State University, Office of the Registrar -Evaluations Unit. Building 1 -Room 218. San Luis Obispo, CA 93407.

Which catalog should I follow?

  • You may elect to follow the catalog in effect at the time that you enter the university or any catalog in effect from the time you arrive until the time you graduate, provided you have been in continuous attendance each quarter. Transfer students may use any catalog from the time they entered the higher education system until graduation, as long as they have not broken enrollment- meaning you have been enrolled in at least 1 semester or 2 quarters each year continuously. Talk with an advisor to determine if there is some advantage for you to be on one catalog versus another.
  • Important: If you are following an older catalog, talk with an advisor to make sure you understand what you are required to take. Some course numbers may have changed or other curricular changes may have occurred between the time the catalog first appeared and the present time.

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