Dr. Reaves's Graduate Students

Graduate Student - Tiev Laguire
The image shows myotubes (differentiated mouse muscle cells) under the microscope.

Tiev Laguire

Cal Poly offered a nutrition focused major with a science-based concentration option for the Bachelors degree. Although this is now gaining more popularity, at the time of my application process it seemed to be a rarity. Not to mention that coming from Michigan, California's sunny, snow-free climate was a welcomed change. Cal Poly has allowed me vast opportunities for hands-on experiments and training and because of my positive experiences as an undergraduate student I applied for the graduate program. Over the course of my graduate time I have conducted experiments related to aging and muscle biology using both rat models and mammalian tissue culture (C2C12 mouse muscle cells). Samples have been analyzed for markers such as NF-kB and SIRT6 to examine mechanisms of the aging process in muscle. My research has also examined how vitamin D status is involved in insulin signaling in muscle cells. We are working to publish results in scientific journals to share our findings. My experiences have provided me with knowledge and expertise that will be very valuable in the next step in my career.

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