Tiffinee Vierra

B.S. Food Science, Packaging Minor, 2001

What she does now:

Winemaker/General Manager
Derby Wine Estates
My primary duties as a general manager are retaining profit and loss accountability for operations, managing and directing winery operations and activities to ensure effective and profitable operation and directing winery short-term strategic and financial planning. As a wine maker, my main responsibilities involve the total winemaking operation and quality assurance. I monitor grape harvesting, execute wine production and bottling along with 2 cellar employees. I participate in the planning and development of current and planned winery facilities, assure efficient operation and make winemaking equipment purchases. I also act as spokesperson for the winery during market visits and interviews with wine writers and industry opinion leaders.

Why she recommends Cal Poly's Food Science and Nutrition Department

"Cal Poly reunites thinking with doing. The Food Science program at Cal Poly is very focused on the practicality of teaching rather than theories or ideas. A few of my personal experiences include harvesting livestock, making jam on a production level, attending field trips to different vineyards within California and gaining work experience assisting a graduate student with ozone application. The practical knowledge supplemented with the broad but relevant curriculum puts Cal Poly's Food Science Department head and shoulders above the rest."

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