Jaime Reeves

Cal Poly, SLO B.S. Food Science 1996-2000
University of Georgia M.S. Food Science 2000-2003
University of California, Davis Ph.D. Food Science 2003-2000

What she does now:

Product Development Scientist Frito-Lay
As a Product Development Scientist at Frito-Lay I am responsible for the creation of new flavors, colors or varieties of existing snack product brands and the creation of entirely new products. I ensure product quality through robust process design, consumer tested product design, and quality monitoring.

Bottom line, I have to make chips at 1,000 to 5,000 pounds per hour, in flavors and textures that delight customers' five senses, and ensure that it is safe and nutritious every time they buy a bag anywhere in the United States.

Why she recommends Cal Poly's Food Science and Nutrition Department

"What I liked most about Cal Poly was the "Learn by doing" approach to teaching. Out of the three schools I've attended I received the most on the job related skills from Cal Poly, and had fun while learning."

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