Radojka Barycki

B.S. Bioanalysis, Central University of Venezuela
M.S. Agriculture, with a specialization in Food Science and Nutrition, Cal Poly, 1998

What she does now:

QA Manager for Odwalla, Inc.
As a QA Manager for Odwalla I am responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the raw materials received are within specifications.
  • Handle consumer and customer complaints
  • Ensuring that quality standards are followed throughout the manufacturing of our juices
  • External audits
  • Assist in conducting internal audits
  • Assist with management of waste water system
  • Ensuring that the water that is used in our processing is within specifications
  • Handle quality of our co-packing operations


Why she recommends Cal Poly's Food Science and Nutrition Department

"I would recommend Cal Poly's Food Science and Nutrition Program because of the "hands on" philosophy and experience. This experience has been very helpful during my career. You are not a book worm at Cal Poly. I had the opportunity to be hands-on in the processing of products at the Dairy Processing Center and making jam with Dr. Hampson's Jam Enterprise Project. Not to mention San Luis Obispo is a wonderful town for college life. I go with my family from time to time to enjoy a football game and the town's relaxing life style."

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