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General Information

All of our products are made in the College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences' Food Science & Nutrition Department's Pilot Plant facility on campus. The mission of our food production programs is to supplement our student's curriculum with hands-on learning and practical experience. Through this program, they get exposure to research and development, good manufacturing practices, total quality assurance, food safety and sanitation principles, as well as experience in sales and marketing for our value-added products. These activities provide students an opportunity to fortify the skills learned in their classes to prepare them for their future career in the food industry.

Cal Poly FSN Production

Cal Poly FSN Production employs ~20 undergraduate students to assist in the day to day operations that makes the enterprise successful. The student employees perform tasks such as production scheduling, research and development, inventory management, record keeping, and sales. This is an opportunity for students to benefit from a career building experience while also providing them with a unique job during their time at Cal Poly!

Where Our Products Are Sold

You can find our products right here on campus at the Cal Poly University Store (and downtown SLO), Campus Market, Cal Poly Meat Lab or Village Market. We also sell our products at a number of local grocery stores and gourmet shops. For more information on where to find our products locally, please email cpfsnproduction@gmail.com

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Operations Manager

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