Fair Trade Certified

100 percent of our chocolate is Fair Trade Certified by TransFairUSA.org. Fair Trade certification is a guarantee that the cocoa beans used in this chocolate were produced in a way that does no social harm.

All information on this page is take from TransfairUSA.org. Cal Poly Chocolates supports the Fair Trade mission. We are providing the following information as a service and introduction to the concept of fair trade.


Fair Trade Overview & Fair Trade Goal

Fair Trade is an innovative, market-based approach to sustain-able development. Fair Trade helps family farmers in developing countries to gain direct access to international markets, as well as to develop the business capacity necessary to compete in the global marketplace.


A Fair Price

Farmers and workers receive a fair price for their product. The Fair Trade price means that farmers can feed their families and that their children can go to school instead of working in the fields


Quality Products

Producers can avoid cost-cutting practices that sacrifice quality. The Fair Trade producers’ traditional artisan farming methods result in exceptional products.


Care for the Environment

Most Fair Trade Certified coffee, tea, and chocolate in the US are certified organic and shade grown. This means that he products you buy maintain biodiversity, provide shelter for migratory birds, and help reduce global warming.

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