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Employers value a degree in Food Science or Nutrition from Cal Poly because they can count on an industry-ready graduate.

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Anisa Tipton

B.S. Nutrition, Cal Poly 2001

What she does now:

Registered Dietitian, Certified Lactation Counselor
The Nutrition Mama was founded in 2010 by Anisa Tipton, MS, RD, CLE. Anisa has worked in the field of dietetics for more than 7 years as a manager of clinical education, healthcare marketing manager in the natural foods industry, and a consultant registered dietitian for several businesses. After becoming pregnant with her first child, she realized that more nutriton and breastfeeding support was needed in Ventura County. From that moment on, finding the healthiest food choices for mothers and their children has become her passion. The Nutrition Mama, helps mamas create healthier, happier families by offering a variety of nutrition education and breastfeeding support.

Why she recommends Cal Poly's Food Science and Nutrition Department

"Cal Poly is a great school! The education and support I received from the FSN professors at Cal Poly was so inspiring. They helped me to see that a career in dietetics was attainable and that were so many different directions that I could go to be successful. I highly recommend Cal Poly and the field of dietetics to anyone passionate about health and helping people."